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Private lessons english as a second language

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How to improve your english

private lessons Tunisia Tunisia

help people to write , speak and communicate in English ...

Teacher esl Tunis (2042)

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English speaking training

private lessons Tunisia Tunisia

I do offer private english speaking club for individuals and/or groups of any age with different levels (from beginners to intermediate). I can help you improve you English speaking skills by tackling different subjects and giving you the suitable vocabulary of every subject. This class is going to mix between learning and ...

Teacher esl Ben arous (2074)

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Mohamed zied

English Tutor and an International Relations Student (Anglais)

private lessons Tunisia Tunisia

I'm an English Coach at Homeschool Tunis and I love to teach and meet new people everyday. I will assist my students in order to reach their full potential in English (in both speaking and writing)....

Teacher esl Tunis (1006)

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Distance lessons from abroad

7 teachers [France]

3 teachers [United States]

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English and Russian lessons

I can teach English and Russian language to anyone who is interested or wants to learn it. I can also help improve writing and speaking skills....

Teacher esl Preston (PR2 1L)

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Certified native English tutor with 10 years of experience (Anglais)

private lessons France France

Living as a child in the US while having Brazilian parents made it very easy for me to learn both English and Portuguese growing up. The passion for teaching the language came when I moved to Brazil and noticed that so many people didn't have the same opportunity as I did and struggled to learn the language.<...

Teacher esl Paris (75015)

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Accredited trainer by the BRITISH COUNCIL, with 20 years' experience in English language teaching and Human Resources (Anglais)

private lessons France France

Accredited trainer by the BRITISH COUNCIL, with 20 years' experience in English language teaching and Human Resources, offers professional courses tailored to the level, purpose and style of the students: Pupils (including Cambridge Starters, Movers, Flyers) Teenagers (including Baccalaureate training, PET, FC...

Teacher esl Beyren-les-sierck (57570)

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